In the sun room, stealing a half-day leisure


In recent days, the rainfall has continued to cool down, the autumn wind is bleak, and the long-awaited holiday is just around the corner, and the pleasant temperature is inevitably full of tiredness.

In fact, the best way to spend the holidays is to let the body completely relax and give the leisure time to the closest person.

 Most people work hard in the city, spend every night in a small space, often miss a three-story building in their hometown, and a spacious open space behind the front door. In fact, a little change will make a big difference. Build a glass sun room, buy some soft-packed homes, and put a few green plants to create a small space where all the family can rest after a meal.

The most important factors for building a sun room cannot be ignored. You must make a good choice in the early stage.

 NO.1 insulation and cold protection

As we all know, the sun room originated in Europe, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, rainy in winter and dry in summer. So the sun has become a luxury. In most parts of southern China, winter is going to go outside for warmth and warmth. In the summer, life is given by air conditioners.

Therefore, the first thing we have to solve to build sunlight is the problem of heat insulation and cold protection.

 Common solutions:

1. Sticking architectural film

It has the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation, energy saving, UV protection, explosion protection, safety and protection. Therefore, as long as the building film is attached to the glass surface, it can function as heat insulation and cold protection;


2, select sunshade products

Install the outer blind. Blocking the solar radiation also blocks the line of sight, so that the glass sun room loses its original meaning of visual transparency, and the outer blind device needs to be operated and maintained, and the service life is also very limited.

 3, choose 5+19+5 insulating glass

The performance of thermal insulation is very good, which can save air conditioning costs. It can also play a certain sound insulation effect. If the sound insulation effect is stricter, it can be in the form of 5+19+5 insulating glass, so the thermal insulation effect will be better and the anti-theft effect is very good.

 4, increase the temperature control equipment

Increasing the temperature control equipment is only a helpless passive method, and the problem of radiant heat and glare glare cannot be effectively solved at the cost of long-term energy consumption and environmental pollution.

NO.2 waterproof treatment

Common solutions:

1. Using the slope of the sun room, the top rainwater can be quickly eliminated by the situation, so that the possibility of leakage is minimized.

2, the use of waterproof materials, block the gap between the glass and the bar, requires seamless, no holes to prevent rain water leakage.

Between the two, the first one is the main aspect, the waterproof effect is good, labor saving and material saving. Therefore, when comprehensively treating the waterproofing of the sun room, the first type should be the main one, and the second type should be the auxiliary one.

Regardless of the type of lighting roof, drainage is very important, because if the design of the drainage system of the sun room is disordered or the details of the drainage are improperly handled, resulting in poor drainage or water accumulation, it is a factor of leakage, and long-term water accumulation will cause Sealant aging, so the drainage problem of the sun room should be given enough attention.

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