Aluminum alloy sliding doors become the standard for home improvement partitions!


The industry generally believes that the aluminum alloy sliding door has good moisture resistance and water resistance. It is more delicate than the traditional wooden door in appearance, and the sealing effect is also good. As for the sealing effect, it depends on the sealing strip and workmanship and the frame and chute. Selection of materials.

 Aluminum sliding door features:

 1. Light weight, high strength: aluminum alloy material is mostly hollow core thin wall combined section, light weight, density is only 1/3 of steel, easy to use, and the section has a high bending strength, made of aluminum alloy push and pull The door is durable and has small deformation.

 2. Good sealing performance: The aluminum alloy itself is easy to be extruded, the profile of the profile is accurate and the machining accuracy is high. The sealing strip fixing groove has been completed along with the section in the extrusion process, which creates favorable conditions for installing the sealing material, and the fitting fit is also very high, so the whole sealing effect is very good.

 3. Beautiful appearance: After the surface of the aluminum alloy is treated, it can display different colors such as golden, silver and white. The space that can be selected is large, and it is bright and oxidized, and the decorative effect is elegant.

 4. Strong corrosion resistance: The aluminum oxide layer does not fade, does not fall off, does not need to be painted, is easy to maintain, and requires almost no maintenance, which generally reduces the cost of decoration.

 Aluminum alloy sliding door - standard for kitchen and balcony

 Nowadays, most of the houses of the house need to be partitioned from the kitchen and the balcony. The aluminum sliding door is almost the standard for kitchen and balcony partitions! Let's talk about the kitchen first.


The restaurant is a place for family dining, and the pleasant dining atmosphere makes you feel the warmth of the family. For most types of houses, the restaurant and kitchen are very close. If you don't want the fumes in the kitchen to come to the restaurant, it is very necessary to make a good partition.

 The use of sliding doors for partitioning has become a popular fashion, and kitchen sliding partitions generally use lightweight sliding doors. A good kitchen sliding door can greatly improve the overall aesthetics of the house. How to design the sliding door between the restaurant and the kitchen?

 Single sliding door design:

 If the opening of the kitchen is small, it can be made into a single sliding door. Single track push and pull, one door can push and pull the switch left and right, occupying less space. Separating the kitchen from the dining room with a door, the space is well divided and the kitchen is formed into a closed space.

 Single sliding doors are also suitable for toilets with relatively small spaces.

 Double sliding door design:

 Many kitchens use sliding doors made of hollow frosted glass. The restaurant can achieve sound insulation. The kitchen also has a certain insulation effect. The kitchen and dining room are transparent and opaque. This design is very simple and lightweight, effectively separating the kitchen space from the dining room, making the kitchen space more independent and concealed.

 You can even design three sliding doors, with the "well" word spacers, and choose the color that matches the color of the cabinet, making your kitchen look so luxurious!

 If your kitchen has a large opening, it will be made of four push-pulls. The style of the sliding door that matches the whole room is even more noble!

 Use aluminum alloy sliding doors to make the kitchen and dining room barriers. Not only can you choose the sliding door style according to the overall home style of the house. If you have old people and children at home, you can also choose the sliding door with hanging rails and the sliding rail sliding door. It not only saves the trouble of cleaning the lower rails frequently, but also makes it easier for the elderly to enter and leave the kitchen.

 After talking about the kitchen partition, let's talk about the balcony!


 The balcony door is the second door of the home. Compared with the ordinary interior door, it is not only beautiful, but also must have some special functions such as anti-theft, windproof and moisture proof. Therefore, the choice of balcony door not only needs to understand his design style, product style. There is also a need to clearly understand the general classification of the size of the balcony doors and the different types of balcony doors.

 Balcony sliding doors are generally divided into three types: light balcony sliding doors, heavy balcony sliding doors and super heavy balcony sliding doors.

 Light balcony sliding door

 Light-weight balcony sliding doors for small bedrooms in ordinary residential areas and villas. Taking a light sliding door as an example, the specification is roughly that the door frame adopts a 88mm outer frame sealing structure depth, the door leaf surface is beautifully designed with a curvature of 82mm depth, and the main wall of the aluminum profile is made of a high-grade broken aluminum profile with a thickness of 1.2mm.

Heavy balcony sliding door

Heavy-duty sliding doors are suitable for high-rise high-rise communities and villa entrance doors. For high-rise communities, the most important point of balcony doors is wind pressure resistance. High-rise households have greater air movements and higher wind power levels, as high-rise tenants generally need to consider this.


Taking a heavy-duty sliding door as an example, the depth of the door frame is 120mm or more, the width of the door panel is 100mm, the thickness of the main wall of the aluminum profile is 1.8mm, and the glass is made of 5+12A+5 tempered white glass. This parameter configuration can guarantee that it can withstand The pressure of own weight and the pressure of high typhoon.

 Extra heavy balcony sliding door

The ultra-heavy aluminum alloy balcony sliding door is suitable for garden doors such as high-end residences and villas. Because the weight of the door is heavier than the ordinary balcony sliding door, the requirements for the door frame, the door leaf, the thickness of the profile and the guide rail are higher. Ultra-heavy balcony sliding door frame depth reaches

138mm, the depth of the three-dimensional notch of the door leaf reaches 40mm, and the thickness of the aluminum profile is even as high as 3mm. Compared with the ordinary aluminum alloy sliding door, the profile parameters are not a little bit.

 High-grade aluminum alloy sliding doors, in addition to the above basic parameters, there are some basic standards. For example, styles, glass materials, hardware accessories, etc. should be customizable, customers can choose their favorite models, glass and hardware accessories according to their own preferences and tastes.

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