Promote development with "three new" and create a new pattern of doors and windows enterprises


Throughout the current door and window industry, brands have gradually increased, and market competition has become increasingly fierce. In the process of the survival of the fittest in the market, some backward brands will be eliminated. However, this will require a long process. For the door and window enterprises, only by adapting to the market development trend and continuously improving their core competitiveness can promote the long-term development of the company.

New design: connected with the heart, closer to life

Design comes from life, life comes from the market, and the market comes from demand. 2017 may be the most colorful year for the door and window industry. Nowadays, the design of doors and windows is becoming more and more life-oriented, and more and more practical. In the past, there were many design works for doors and windows, and some of them could lead the trend in the market. However, there is still a certain distance between design and life. The concept of designing and serving life has not yet formed a consensus. The theory of designing and serving market demand has not been fully implemented in the thinking of entrepreneurs and designers. Cognitive ambiguity has led to the product's incompatibility in some aspects.

All in all, the power of the industry lacks the centripetal force for design, so that door and window companies have invested too much energy in plagiarism, price wars, and pure marketing. The industry's innovation index is not high and the level of intelligence is too low. In 2017, we will accelerate the market-oriented and consumer-oriented product development trend, and lead the entire door and window industry to the innovative industry, and the development path of smart industry will become the mainstream.

New layout: positional shift, strategic change

Under the background of the governance environment, the powerful enterprises in China's home furnishing industry have set off a migration movement. The main performance is the transfer of industries to the central region. Recently, Hebei, Hubei, Henan, and Anhui have become major destinations for industrial transfer. Industrial transfers destined for the central region are occurring on a large scale.

The reason why these enterprises are interested in substantive transfer comes from environmental pressure, resource competition, consumer market, and cost pressure. This is the transfer of the economy and the upgrading of the industry. In 2017, it must be the most important year for the new layout of the door and window industry. There are still unknowns at which stage. What is certain is that the new layout will inevitably generate huge waves in the market, leading to new changes in the entire industry ecology.

New materials: take advantage of the trend and strive for environmental protection

The most important driving force for the changes in the door and window industry in the future is the awakening of consumers and the active guidance of the design industry and door and window manufacturing enterprises. At present, the two major pressures of raw material shortage and formaldehyde release are being encountered. In contrast, metal homes completely avoid these two fatal injuries. In short, the market environment is changing, and door and window companies must actively change. We can start with product design, geographical layout and material upgrades to keep abreast of market trends.

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