• 1 Focus on brand image
  • 2 Free professional training
  • 3 Renovation costs support
  • 4 New production base
  • 5 Scientific management system
  • 6 A good after-sales service
  • Focus on brand image

    More than 20 years of experience in doors and windows, focusing on the optimization of door and window products and the creation and promotion of brands.

  • Free professional training

    Give brand use rights, greatly enhance the image advertisement and appeal of the store, provide a unified national VI manual, store business manual, and auxiliary materials; implement a nationwide integrated promotion strategy and enjoy the national professional brand advantage

  • Renovation costs support

    In the door design, space layout, product loading, jewelry display, decoration details, etc., we provide a series of European and American Nomen store decoration design standards for your quick use. Any application to become an Onofrio store can enjoy a certain proportion of decoration. Cost support and some product loading support

  • New production base

    The use of "automated production technology, modern management mode" warehouse materials commonly used for more than 6 months of production materials, reducing the procurement time link common spot, thus ensuring timely delivery of products

  • Scientific management system

    Focus on quality, control diversified research and development ideas, continue to increase investment in high-end door and window equipment and environmental protection, making it a strong guarantee of quality.

  • A good after-sales service

    Have a professional customer service team to provide you with the most intimate service, 1 * 24 hours customer problem response service, 7 * 24 hours after-sales hotline service

  • Affiliate Support

    Zero yuan support

    During the promotion period, you only need to consult, you can get our comprehensive policy and join for free.

    Free sample support

    During the promotion period, you only need to consult, you can get our comprehensive policy and join for free.

    Renovation support

    Provide storefront decoration subsidies to affiliate partners according to different joining characteristics and store area

    Unified storefront SI

    The whole country uses a unified brand image decoration, free support for store design throughout the whole process, and enjoys our national unified SI image.

    Full training support

    Free training, free presentation of sales, design, management and other professional knowledge, so that you are well aware of the industry.

    Network promotion support

    The company set up a stage to build a website of the official website and conduct multi-directional network promotion.

    Advertising support

    When joining partners, the company provides a certain percentage of support for outdoor advertising expenses.

    Material support

    Product brochures, color cards, engineering solutions, uniforms and branding products are provided free of charge.

    Joining process

    Join Conditions


    Legally qualified legal person or natural person


    Have a good business reputation and business reputation in the local area, and can abide by the laws and company-related rules and regulations, and recognize the corporate culture and business philosophy of the head office..


    Understand the building materials and home furnishing industry, with strong management capabilities, marketing capabilities, good customer service awareness and service capabilities


    Have a storefront of 100 square meters or more in the mainstream building materials market in the city


    Willing to accept the company's various standard system training, able to strictly implement brand standards, agency prices and terminal preferential policies according to company requirements


    Establish image stores and specialty stores in accordance with regulations.


    Legally qualified legal person or natural person

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